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Default Re: OLD Yamaha Double Pedal

MusiQmaN - I sent you a PM. Sorry, but it's not for sale. I know if it were though, you would give it a good home.

Funny how time can change things. Noticed this post below, that I made in June of 2012:

Originally Posted by wildbill View Post
I can tell already, it's not gonna' be my thing though. Spent a couple hours on it, and find it kind of boring already.

Too set in my ways, I guess. Glad I didn't buy one of those new-fangled, high dollar contraptions though - ha ha. Nice that this one can be used as two singles, because that's probably how I'll end up using it.
Since then, I've bought two other double pedals, and have really gotten into the double pedal thing. I'm still only average (at best) with them though.
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