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Default Pearl Eliminator or P-120

So after buying a new Tama IC 200 (powerglide) I decided to return it because I realized I prefered the control and consistency of rolling glide cams. Consequently I have about $70 of GC store credit to use on a new pedal. This will be for my practice pad drum kit so it doesn't need to be super expensive, and besides, I think I'm starting to see the light about the expensive heavy pedals not necessarily always being better than the lighter, budget pedals.

I'm looking at my options on Having heard so many good things about Pearl pedals of all models, I've narrowed it down to either a P-120 (which I've seen go for slightly used for around $20 or $30 and heard good reviews on)


A pretty used, but still mechanically sound Pearl Eliminator for about $60.

Am I better off getting the Eliminator even if its seen a lot of miles? I am making this purchase sight unseen on so any advice is welcome.
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