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Originally Posted by Rhythm Boy View Post
Ah, yes, it was a kickoff return. Not sure what Kilmer has to do with anything, except I forgot their TD against the Dolphins was a blocked kick. Crazy special teams mess up everything.

As for stats, enh, take 'em or leave 'em. One important statistic might indicate Eli is better than Peyton, but there's just more to it than that. You can make them read any way you want, and they're so relative in such a team sport. One-off achievements are one thing, but "best evers"? Who really knows?
Kilmer has everything to do with it....those Dolphins beat a decent team with an eh QB ..... the Seahawks shut down the best offensive team in history

tell me another way to read 55 TD passes , 76 total TDs and 606 pts , 5,477 passing yds, 9 games with 4 or more TD passes, 293 passing first downs aside from uhhh... that its never been done before

a QB 2 years removed from multiple neck surgeries that would end most players careers
a WR corp. who no one had heard of until Peyton was throwing the ball

get a grip my man .... this was the best offense in the history of the game and anyone who knows a damn thing about the NFL would tell you the exact same thing

.... and if anyone tells you that Eli is better than Peyton at anything let alone playing the QB position take them to the nearest psychiatrist ..... thats coming from a life long Giant fan
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