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Originally Posted by WhoIsTony? View Post
with all due respect you are incorrect

the '00 Ravens defense did not allow an offensive TD to the Giants
and the Cowboys of the 1971 season did not allow a Dolphins TD

and Billy Kilmer and the Redskins were not an offensive juggernaut by any stretch of the imagination

the 2013 Broncos were statistically the best offense in NFL history
Ah, yes, it was a kickoff return. Not sure what Kilmer has to do with anything, except I forgot their TD against the Dolphins was a blocked kick. Crazy special teams mess up everything.

As for stats, enh, take 'em or leave 'em. One important statistic might indicate Eli is better than Peyton, but there's just more to it than that. You can make them read any way you want, and they're so relative in such a team sport. One-off achievements are one thing, but "best evers"? Who really knows?
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