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Default UPDATE

Thought I would let those of you who give a darn an update on my latest project....

We finally got the new band together last week (Keyboards, guitar, drums, bass and me as vocalist). I was nervous as anything! The first two songs my ears were on fire and must have been red as beets from the The very first song we did was Come To My Window by Melissa Etheridge which I start out completely accapella! UGH! Nothing like trial by fire.

However I have to say it all worked out really well! Everyone seemed happy with my singing and all 5 of us seemed to get along really well. The plan is to get together again this Sunday (barring snowmageddon that the weathermen are already prediciting!) and work on more new songs.

I'm having a blast. We're working on everything form Sheryl Crow and the aforementioned Melissa Etheridge to the Doobies and Rolling Stones and I'll be singing most of them! While I won't be playing drums in this outfit I do plan to get in some hand percussion, especially on songs like Black Magic Woman that I'm not singing on.

It's really nice because all of the musicians are really experienced...GOOD musicians who have been playing in bands for years (some of them having made a living at it years ago). I figure if I can please them then I must be doing okay. I didn't hear any dogs howling while I sang,

So for now, I'm singing and working the tamborine and shakers in a band and enjoying my drums as a hobby on the side. But I have to say that many of you were right in saying how much my drumming has helped me in my singing, learning song structure and such. Of course I have to laugh when the others ask me what key that song is in. "How do I know? I'm a drummer!!!!" LOL

I'm hoping to record at the next practice and I'll post something if I do. Thanks to all of you for your support of my singing. I'm really excited about this and can't wait to get out and make some music for other people.

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