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I just had to post this as an example of where we are in this world.

I started competitive swimming when I was 14. Lots of work, lots of fun. I swam until I was 35. I also coached summer leagues for many years to help pay my way through college. When my son was growing up he had interests in fishing, golf, lacrosse, basketball, but never swimming. I never pushed, just encouraged, any of his activities.
Now his son, who is 8 has started swimming, 2nd year and I love it. Last summer I went to one of his meets, and was proud of his accompolishments no matter how small. This year he is swimming winter meets through a local Maryland YMCA. He had a meet this past weekend and I asked my son to take a few pictures since I am in Florida. His response to me was, "They frown on it". I said why would that be. He replied in one word. PERVERTS. I almost fell off of my chair. People are actually stalking kids swim meets to take photos of kids in their Speedos? I told my son, never mind, I will talk to my grandson about how well he did later by Skype. I tell you I just give up on this world. It is not worth it.
Thank you for sharing my day.
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