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Default Re: Cutting a hole in the bass drum...How big, methods etc...

Originally Posted by funk-rockpunk View Post
Anyone wanna help me out?
I usually get a 5" black reinforcement ring (because I have black front bass heads), but still install it on the "inside" of the head. I do this because it looks cleaner and is a blacker black than the black heads sometimes are. (Yes, I'm OCD.) I try to offset it similar to an Aquarian Regulator head. After it's stuck on, I slowly trace around the inside diamater with an Xacto knife with light pressure until the hole is cut. This will give you a clean edge, and the ring helps protect it from dents and tears.

I have 22" bass drums and use a 5" reinforcement ring. Why those sizes? 22" bass drums are mroe common, and this particular ring comes in a 5" size. I don't know who makes the reinforcement ring as I've never seen one in a packaging. Could be Aquarian, or Cannon, or someone else. Looks like KickPort makes them now too. I've also used Aquarian Regulator front heads with a 4" hole. I have used a larger size hole (maybe 9-10") that I randomly traced from something else, but it let too much air escape. I also placed that dead center, another bad idea.
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