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Virg is one of the great Pioneers of the drumming world regardless of what a few think. We can talk about styles we like and he does not do enough of this or that. All that aside very FEW!! and I mean few have pushed the technical and creative boundaries of drumming as much as Virgil has. And let me tell you there are a few here and there who criticize Virg to no end but let me tell you he has PLENTY!! of drummers and fans alike who have great admiration for him and his drumming contributions. Many more who admire him then those who like to rip on him. That I do know. He sure does not have a lack of people showing up to see him perform. And Stu I am not talking about you just so you do not think I am singling you out since you replied right before I did. I am talking in general here.

By the way here is a small but cool clip of Virgil SOLOING! at Pasic. This is a solo at a clinic not Virg playing with a pop band, remember that. Just go to the bottom left hand corner of the PAS home page and you will see the clip. Enjoy.

And yes Virg did lay down tracks with Mick Jagger for the Alfie soundtrack. And Virg will also be featured on TOTO vocalist Joseph Williams new solo album. It will be in the melodic pop-rock vein more then likely. More then likely reminiscent of TOTO. The guy can play anything he wants in a convincing manner. That is why he gets hired.
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