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Originally Posted by GBaslDrums View Post
Thanks for this info, but I think this was his black, James Taylor Gretsch kit and not the gloss maple GRP kit from 85'.
Think what you want.
This is the whole Q and A, from MD Sept. 90 (Weckl cover):

Q: I enjoy watching and listening to you play the drums very much. The recording of you on the GRP Live in Session CD and video is something everyone should hear. Your drums sound unbelievable. Please tell me about your setup on that recording and include what sizes and kinds of drums, snare drum, heads, and cymbals you play. Also, please explain any tuning techniques you migh use. I'd also like to know what recent recordings I can hear you on.

A: The drums I used on the GRP Live in Session album were Gretsch. The toms were 10", 12" , 13", and 14", the kick was 22x16, and the snare drum was a Ludwig bronze 5,5x14. On the batter side of the toms I used Remo Emperor clears, the bottoms were fitted with clear Diplomats. The cymbals were Paiste; a 22" 602 ride, 602 thin crahes, and 2002 hi-hats.
When tuning, I start with both heads the same pitch. Then I fine-tune the top up or down, depending on the sound I want.
Finally, Lee Ritenour's Color Rit and Linda Ronstadt's Cry Like A Rainstorm are two of the more recent recordings I've worked on.
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