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Default Where EXACTLY to lubricate double pedals?

Hi everyone,

I have DW7000 double pedals and Iron Cobra double pedals. I'm looking around on the forums and online searches that show exactly where to lubricate the double pedals. Some say "wherever metal hits metal," but I was wondering if there is actually any picture or chart that shows this? I do better with pics versus only words. Manufacturer websites don't say much, YouTube doesn't say much, and other forums just suggest what to use/ not use.

Also, I bought 3 different oils/lubricants:
1. "All Purpose Machine Oil" by Singer
2. "Silicone Lubricant" by Permatex ("prevents wear and repels moisture")
3. "Chain Lube" by Permatex ("extends chain, gear & cable life")

The forums say different things, but wanted all your opinions on these before I have at them.

Any help? Thanks all.
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