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I am more of an ex-fan.
As a teen just starting out, I saw his video with Erotomania etc and it was the coolest thing ever. Awake was a great album and I ate it up, played along quite often. Some of the other stuff was okay but I gave up on them because there were cheesy aspects to their music, as well as the vocals, and I was discovering other bands. I don't know but perhaps Jordan Rudess' influence is the thing I didn't like.

Mike has flair, and he's very free and playful. Some of his drum parts are excellent but on the other hand some of them expose weaknesses in his approach, and perhaps he just stopped learning at a point and kept finding ways to exploit the techniques that he already knew (which is good in a way). There were a few live videos where he played badly and I, like many others had a change of heart and his abilities have become a controversial topic, just go on YouTube and see the commenters (of all ages) biting each others heads off.

I saw he posted a reaction to this on HOD and I kind of felt guilty for being a harsh critic and being a part of the noise that hurt Mike's feelings. I don't know but I think maybe he got complacent and it came back to bite him on the arse.
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