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Originally Posted by alparrott View Post
If Imperial keeps deleting negative comments from their FB page, you could always set up a separate page of your own telling your story, calling it "I was ripped off by Imperial Cymbals"... It would get a lot of search engine hits within Facebook and on Google. Best of all, they can't delete anything there. They have to ask Facebook to remove the page, and that's not a foregone conclusion.
That's how I feel.Post a carefully worded statement on all of the social networks,as well as all the drum forums on the planet,that will allow it.Get the word out,about how these guys operate.

What the're doing,is not just morally wrong,it's illegal.Petit larceny,grand larceny,fraud,internet fraud,fraudulent accosting.It would be worth a few hundred bucks,to have an attorney,draw up a legally correct statement,as to avoid slander/libel charges.

You're bound to get some traction.They cant just keep doing the ostridge thing,and expect to keep ripping people off.If vthere was a legit reason for them ,not being able to ship product,there would be a carefully worded statement on all of their internet sites.

Like I said before,give them fair warning,and,if they still don't respond, then em' a new one.

Steve B
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