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Hey Everybody!

I apologize for my posts in this thread, I do not apologize for my beliefs, but this was the wrong place to impose them on others. That is why I pay a therapist $78 an hour once a week, to vent and let go.

I made a mistake, not the first one I have made and certainly not the last, but I am not here to start fights or arguments. I am here to learn, to hopefully help some new drummers and to have fun.

This is the best drum forum there is and I truly thought I was about to get banned for my comments. Thank you to the Admins for having patience with me.

This will not happen again.

Good turn around, we all have our views and in conversation we all say a lot of things off the cuff. bringing them up here makes it look bad, but face to face its just one thought in a discussion and easily accepted. in my eyes ( not in charge here) you weren't that bad.
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