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Default Pearl P902 double

How good are these? I've been blown away!

Having hired one for a gig a while ago, then borrowing the house drummers set at another gig late last year, I've recently replaced my Iron Cobras with a set.

Being as they were discontinued early last year, I got a brand new pair for my main kit at a lovely discount. Even better, the shop had their old demo pair (incidentally the same set I hired last year) for a ridiculous price, enabling me to have a set in the case ready for gigging without having to dismantle my main set and pack them up every time we play elsewhere.

Total price for both pairs? About 100 less than a new pair of Iron Cobras.

The feel of these pedals is just about spot on. I'm not feeling like I'm missing a thing from the IC's at all. So fast and playable.

It's really made me sit up and pay close attention to more premium stuff. If this level of performance is available at such a significantly less price, why pay more?

I am very, very happy indeed. There's still one or two shops with blow out discounts on them. If you're in the market for a new pedal, I'd definitely look past the price and give them a play. You may be just as surprised as I was...
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