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Oh yes you have now met the big boys and they don't like tiny tots.

I was in the model car shop and they were bitching about the bakery's prices. (one palstic car is for sale at $300.)

REally, you can't sit at your location and not go out in the street and protest.
because nobody has done it for the last 25 years you are now in 'stupid reality world' where you are not allowed to protest.
so now you and your mates are not allowed to comment. if you do and you have you look pretty silly.
you only have one right and that is what legal defence you choose. that's it!

How long is it going to take for you to realise that you can't just go to work and go home.
Because 'they' are thinking of ways to rob you while your working. You will be put in a situation of 'the only possible route is revolution'.
2008 did happen and it has real consiquences. Your business is always going to get attacked by other businesses. dog eat dog.
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