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Default Re: Can A Mediocre Cheese Be Used To Attract A Female Drummer?

Originally Posted by Dr_Watso View Post
Although on rare occasions I do somehow end up at wal mart, each and every time I remark to myself afterward about how nasty that place and most of the people there are, and tell myself I'll not be going back as long as I can help it.

"American" cheese and the word "quality" don't belong in the same sentence. I suppose you could go for something like "high quality pasteurized, processed, cheese product"... But I think that's a little too real for most people. The FDA won't even legally allow them to call it "cheese".
Truthfully,there is actual American chees,that isn't wrapped in plastic,and lasts for months in the frig.There are several companies,like Boars Head,in NY,that actually make REAL Amreican cheese,that tastes similar to a mild cheddar.

This Boars Head cheese,can only he purchased at a deli counter,where you can also buy fresh sliced cold cuts and prepared foods and sausage.

That type of cheese,is a real aged cheese,and will spoil is a very short period of time,and is NOT a cheese product,which is mostly,vegatable oil,and other ingreadients,that should NOT be consumed by humans

There are several cheese shops and specialty stores,where you can get fresh sliced,and never packaged fresh American cheese,that would have blown the door off of Gina Shock,and rang her culinary bell,and possibly sealed the deal with our own Bermuda.The history of drumming,would have been altered for ever.

So,please don't judge all American cheese by that artificial yellow crap,wrapped in plastic,that has a shelf life of years,not days

Ya live and ya learn.American cheese,it's what a good old fashion cheese burger has on it(I prefer provolone myself):):)

Steve B

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