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Default Re: Carmichael throne came in!

Originally Posted by aparker2005 View Post
Got it today! Took my Ergo Rider top off and put this on and thankfully it fit with no issues. It's a fairly firm seat but I can definitely feel the difference and benefits. My posture and double playing feel much more at ease. I have a sense of balance that I haven't found with any other throne. Hard to explain but this seat is definitely worth it. After a few gigs I'll be able to give a much more in depth review but I say get it to anyone wondering!

Firm yes, enjoy it. Last nights gig I noticed my CARMICHALE'S foam compressing :(

I don't blame the material/product tho, I've got a lot of hrs on this top and the reality is any foam is going to compress over time. The drag is you lose height when this happens, unlike on conventional tops tho, you don't lose comfort, it felt really good still, just the height issue.

I compensated by turning the CARMICHALE top around, since I don't sit in the middle, the backside is still somewhat fresh. Collapsing the base of the throne, which raises the post height a little is my next 'go to' fix when I need it, was having to do that with the conventional tops I was using b/f CARMICHALE.

ALL foam compresses over time, CARMICHALE not immune, tho when this happens comfort still remains, comfort not even possible with conventional tops.
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