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Default Re: Best Buys from NAMM 2014?

Originally Posted by BillRayDrums View Post
Thanks for the admonition. But do you really think that someone like Bernie Stone is going to put out something that's total crap?

It seems that you are the "Arbiter of Quality" around these parts. Maybe it's you to whom I ought to send a snare drum to for review. You game? Because I'll do it. :D

I don't know anything about Bernie Stone, but by the same token we didn't think Ronn Dunnett would let his name go out on the ($2k) POS aligned LUDWIG CHIEF either. I saw a ten lug DIXON snare drum in a shop priced at $100/new, all the lugs were laser straight.

Yeah, pretty much I am the most active officer in the lug splay division, but this forum is loaded with quality control-police, and many more willing than I to review a Bernie Stone snare drum.

Since you're the guy in charge of the website Bill, my advise which I've been crowing all over this forum to manufactures is: Use your site to promote product with pictures. A pic 'is' worth a thousand words.

Take shots (with a good camera) of the drums heads off, sideways, macro the insides of the can't show me enough. Exhaust us with pics, then we'll be more inclined to take the next step.
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