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Default Re: Anyone use huge stick sizes?

Originally Posted by stellar92010 View Post
I started at Promark 808s, went to 2B's, now at 2S's. 17" long and .695 diameter without much taper and big heads. Each time I went up in size, they felt uncomfortable for about a day, then I got used to them, and don't like the feel of the smaller sticks

I just ordered some Promark 3S marching sticks--17" long and .728 diameter. I'm not sure why but I just really like the hefty feel of weight, and the particular balance those large sticks have. Anyone else feel that way?
I use the 2S sticks on that gig I do, but it's a necessary evil since I'm using these huge gloves and have to play as loud as I can. It took me a while to get used to them. But when I marched drum corps, I was using 3S-type sticks all the time, although I find those a little too thick for me these days. I say if it helps you play better and gives you the sound you want, more power to ya' ;)
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