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Originally Posted by coolhand1969 View Post
Then I think I may move to Australia, because my experience in personal life and business is" Thank you, please direct any further correspondence directly to my lawyer"

But, this is America, land of opportunity and freedom: where not everyone has basic health insurance and access to medication, where we produce more food than the world could eat, but children and their families go to bed at night hungry and there are 70,000 homeless people in Dallas TX alone.

If you don't like what I just said, fine, vote in another GW Busch, but don't dare challenge the fact I am telling the truth! By the way, I lost my biological father in Vietnam, my adopted father served frontline in Korea (won a purpleheart) and I have done my service in the Armed service. Paid my dues to speak my mind!

Probably just got banned, but it was freakin worth it!
I wonder which will get banned first. This post above or a challenge to the post's non challenge-challenge?
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