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Default Re: College to study drums?

Originally Posted by Shaneola View Post
MasterCylinder Indiana is definitely on my list, thank you!
I took private lessons on jazz drum set from Steve Houghton at a college in Dallas, Texas in that time, Steve had just finished his drum set education at what was then known as North Texas State where he played for the legendary one o'clock lab band (big band jazz) under the direction of the late, great Leon Breeden.

Leon sent more great big band players to the tonight show than any other school.

North Texas State (now the University of North Texas) is the only college I know of that has a school of music and a school of jazz and they are not associated in any way.............a completely different approach and degree plan.

Some of the best big band music I have ever heard..............the first time I ever witnessed a rehearsal of the one o'clock lab band, Mr. Breeden walked in a handed out charts to a song they had never seen before...............I recognized it as "Vulcan Worlds" (by Stanley Clarke).............they played it, not perfect but, really well on the first try...........incredibly impressive, not just in technical instrumental playing abilities but the chart-reading was unbelievable.
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