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Default My latest open mic update

Last night my band played a new venue for an open mic. They use it as an audition for future gigs there. Anyway, what an eye opener. They had a stage with a light rig above it that the sound guy controlled. Yes, they had an actual sound guy for this open mic. the overall sound and mix was amazing. It was nice to have a proper, enthusiastic introduction from the house bands lead singer, we followed them and she got the crowd fired up for us with her intro. Then her reaction after our set was a nice departure from someone just say "next" into the mic. the crowd really enjoyed our set and it was nice to be out of my comfort zone for a change. I was nervous for the first time in a long time before playing and it felt great. Here is a link to our last song, its from a camera phone sorry. The bass players dad bought a new camera to record us and it lasted only 10 seconds....he didn't charge it! hahaha
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