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Default Re: Recording & Live Performance - Glyn Johns Method

1. For studio work with a medium budget, CAD179m(LDC) and Octava MC MK 012 have a good reputation. I own the CADs and have been happy with them as overhead and tom mics. Spend a little bit more and buy either of the above. With a 3 mic technique probably an LDC is the right choice to pick up the entire kit.

2. Usually not practical. LDCs are heavy and you need a heavy studio mike stand to have stability. For home use a normal stand can do the job, but its easily knocked over.

3. Good choice. Industry standard that you will never outgrow.

4. SDC is better for live in most cases. Check some concerts on youtube and notice that the OHs are usually small diameter.

5. No. For kick you need minimum 15" quality speakers. For small gigs, the snare, toms and certainly cymbal does not need to be amplified.

6. There is no point to buy a mixer just for the drums. If the drums needs amplification, then so does the vocals, keyboard, etc.
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