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Default Re: new Drum Workshop Direct Drive pedal @ NAMM 2014

Originally Posted by Drumsinhisheart View Post
Tricks are compression spring driven, so the feel between them and expansion spring systems is different already.

I have learned a lot about DW in the last couple years. They move slow, look at details to inth degrees, and if they were not absolutely sure the new design would not garner rave reviews and customers they would never have released it. They do a lot of in-house work with endorsers, so I imagine they all gave a great deal of input before the pedal hit NAMM.

Can't say I like the look, but I found the 9000 to be the nicest expansion system I have tried. I'm sure this one is as good. Still couldn't take me away from Drumnetics, but DW seems to make good use of details in design.

They will make some kind of longboard, and also other types of cosmetic looks as this thing moves along. Then they will offer it in a chain drive. It's like fashion. Everything comes back after awhile.
I agree. They work with their artists and I am sure the pedal have already had a good test run.

The pedal seems to be made without any cast parts - its all from sheet metal or bars.
So every surface or feature have to be machined. So lots of machine minutes which contributes to cost.
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