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Default Re: Double Bass Pedal issue

Originally Posted by Dre25 View Post
Should just bought your friends pedal lol.

I say get a p902, they're awesome and they're cheap.
Ha ha, probably yeah! Thing is he wanted at least 150 for them which is more than I was willing to spend at the time. I suppose I should have just waited and saved up the cash. =P

Those P902's look sweet actually, but still out of my price bracket for now. I think I'll save up for these though! I could probably afford them if I sold the pedals and drive shaft I have now (Which is worth around 100 new so I'd say I could probably get around 70) but I'd have to go without pedals for a couple of weeks probably. I'll think about it. =) You say these are good pedals, have you had personal experience with them?
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