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Default Re: College to study drums?

Originally Posted by coolhand1969 View Post
It is a little bit farther than you might want to go, but Belmont University in Nashville is a top rated music school, ahead of their next door neighbor Vandy. Plus they offer a 1st rate education in other areas. I, obviously, graduated from there with a Major In Business and a Minor in History. I was no where even close to being a good enough drummer to get into their program. Just a thought, Good Luck!
I will definitely look into it. It looks like I'm gonna be applying for the fall of 2015 so I would need to audition by September of this year. Thank you to everyone who gave advice, it was all great and very helpful.

@MasterCylinder Indiana is definitely on my list, thank you!

Thanks again to everyone! I have 8 or 9 months before I start applying, so feel free to keep the suggestions coming everyone, all are appreciated!
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