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Default Re: College to study drum set and something else

I considered adding drum set to my mechanical engineering degree. I went with something simpler though, to give myself breaks from all the math.

I can't tell you which schools have good drum set programs up there, but I'd suggest picking a second major that you can land a steady, reliable job in. A lot of BA or BS degrees will land you a teaching job at best. If you don't care what your second major is, just find whatever is available after you choose the drum set program you think you like best. Keep in mind it's very common for people to switch schools after the first year or so.

Something I personally recommend is to get your AA from a 2 year college first. The professors there usually care more about your learning more than at a 4 year school. You'll get through the lower level and general education classes actually learning things instead of being treated pooly by a 4 year institution who is trying to get you to repeat classes or drop out. Two year schools are often much less expensive as well.
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