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Default Re: Best Buys from NAMM 2014?

Originally Posted by KarlCrafton View Post
I noticed that there wasn't really a "this years product" everyone was talking about.

The Signet from Ludwig had some talk, but other than that, not much seems to be going on other than some different edges or whatever (Mapex), some nice finishes.

The new Yamaha YESS with 4 holes is just dumb IMO. They should just go back to the mount on the drum. Their mount never inhibited the resonance when I played them back in the day.

Pearl's new snares seem real nice. New lugs and a new strainer.

The one thing I WILL get this year is the new Gibraltar flat base snare stand with the Ultra Adjust basket.
This is what Ludwig SHOULD HAVE DONE with their ATLAS flat base snare stand.
Very cool! I have been using their flat base gear for a while now and I love it. I still have not found a new flat base stand that I enjoy more than a real vintage hi hat stand but the Gibraltar and Ludwig offerings are not bad.

What is great about this design is it fixes the problem of tightening the snare basket when you have it sitting at near flat angle.
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