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Default Re: College to study drum set and something else

Most 4-year colleges will have a music department. And most music departments at 4-year colleges brag about how many non music majors they have playing in ensembles. So finding a school that lets you take music classes, play in ensembles, and take lessons will be easy.

The tricky part will be finding one that lets you emphasize the drum set. Honestly, I'm not sure that's necessarily the best avenue. There are plenty of opportunities to take drum set lessons from highly qualified instructors outside of the formal education system. Likewise, there are plenty of places to play the drums on your own. Most college music programs are geared more towards orchestral, wind ensemble, marching band, or jazz band type settings. They also have plenty of classes covering theory, composition, and music history. All of these will contribute to your dream of being a rock and roll drummer. And they are harder to find outside of academia than drum set lessons.

In your shoes I'd focus on either jazz band or marching band. Many members of college marching bands had never done marching band prior to college. Also, some colleges encourage students to form their own jazz combos which can be pretty interesting. Either way, you will meet all sorts of other musicians. That's perhaps the biggest benefit of college music programs.

In a nutshell, I wouldn't focus too much on formally studying the drum set in college. Instead, I'd look for opportunities to learn some theory, expand your horizons, and meet as many musicians as you can.
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