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Default Re: Best Buys from NAMM 2014?

Originally Posted by RobertM View Post
[*]The Mapex Armory line and the new bearing edges sound cool, but, again, the finishes are hideous or average/decent at best.
They had a couple of finishes that were nice. The Armory series doesn't cost and arm and leg though. I don't recall the exact price I was told, but it was much cheaper than I anticipated for the quality of the product.

Originally Posted by RobertM View Post
What do folks think? I'm really hard pressed to see anything that beats the Stage Customs or Crush Eminents/Acrylics,
In terms of pure cost, the Premier XPK. 7 pc all birch shells for $799 MAP was the best value I saw.

Originally Posted by v.zarate View Post
Didnt I just read that the starclassic will have an option coming in the Onyx Wrap finish?

The pic I took
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