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Default Re: Am I asking too much??

??? I honestly didn't feel it belonged in the Classified ads cause my intent wasn't to promote it to sell.. My whole reason for getting on DrummerWorld initially was to ask other real drummers opinions as to if the asking prices I had, just using this one example, were fair. Separate from this I intended to later on use the classified section to actually try to sell some stuff, but that was absolutely not my intent with this thread... I'm not a dishonest guy, I'm a Christian and heavily involved in my church and in no way would try to sneak around the rules, and in this case what would even be the point? Getting all the honest members upset at me? come on.... lol.

Is there a "value of your items" thread or something somewhere where my inquiry would've been more appropriate and welcome by everyone?

Oh, And thank you for your input guys!

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