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Default Re: TAMA HP30 Single pedal

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
From what I know of Tama pedals, the hex bar is the same size for all of them. So if you managed to find one of their Camco pedals with a rolling chain sprocket, you could swap them out. I actually have the Camco sprocket with a chain if you want to buy it. PM me.
Thanks for the offer Bo. I'm going to look around a bit first. Ironically I saw someone selling IC cams on craigslist a few months ago. They aren't still for sale but maybe something will pop up again. My other option is to try and trade it in for something with a rolling glide.

I'm giong to experiment some more with some different single bass exercises on both pedals to make sure I'm not just imaging this, but it feels like I get a bit more responsiveness from my rolling glide DW pedal. Probably just because I'm used to it though.
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