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Default Re: Sound Formula/Signature question

Originally Posted by Ang View Post
Can you Paiste guys shed a little light on this?
How close sound wise are the Sound Formula 14" MH hi hats to the 14" Signature Dark Crisp hi hats?
I am looking to change some sounds slowly from Zildjian and want to dip my toe into the Paiste pool. Looking for the classic Paiste sound, their new offerings are great, but a lot of those Masters and Traditionals sound very Zildjian like to my ears.
I was just trying out the 14 Dark Crisps the other day. I've tried a few Sound Formula crashes and rides. If you're specifically trying to get away from the Zildjian/Sabian alloy sound, you'd probably want to go with the Signatures. The 602 alloy cymbals usually sound closer to the classic "A" sound than the general Paiste high end sound.
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