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Default Recording & Live Performance - Glyn Johns Method

Hello -

I'm a newby when it comes to recording and playing live while miked. I'm hoping to invest in a reasonably priced mic setup to both record and play live. I'm very interested in the Glyn Johns method.

My questions are:

1. The two overheads should be large diaphragm condenser mics. Does anyone have suggestions for good, reasonably priced mics? Would this work:

2. Would these large diaphragm condenser mics work on stage, or would they pick up too much stage noise?

3. Any suggestions for the kick mic and the snare mic? Would this be a good set (I realize it gives me a couple extra mics)?

4. Would this setup be good for both recording AND live performance in small to medium venues?

5. I have one of these (that I use for e-drums):
Would this be good to use with the mic setup I'm contemplating for small to medium venues (with no FOH system)?

6. I would like to get a mixer that can support 6 (or possibly 8) inputs (in case I ultimately go to more of a closed mic situation). Any suggestions?

Thank you all for your suggestions and opinions. My band is moving to the next level and I want to plan accordingly....
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