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Default Re: THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

Originally Posted by Joez4000 View Post
Drumming is my passion, but buying and selling allows me to go through all sorts of different gear and allow others to help pursue their drumming passion as well, so it's like my passions amplified by centering my business around it.. I'm about a year in. I'm still working out the kinks.. It's hard to accept sunk cost sometimes lol
I do the same thing. I buy, sell and trade gear like crazy. It completely funds my hobby and adds to my income. People tell me that I am silly for focusing so heavily on gear, but I have made as much as $20k (Lived in the San Francisco area at the time, which has a much stronger market for high end gear) and as little as $2k a year doing this part time. It elevated the quality of my personal gear too.

Anyways, when I started out I dealt mainly with vintage and high end gear. Mainly guitar related. This is great when you can find the right item for really cheap and flip it for a lot. Fact is, this takes a lot of time and even though it has higher returns, it just doesn't really move as quickly as one would like. The key is to sell large quantities of the cheap stuff, while still keeping a hand in the higher end stuff. There is a much larger market for inexpensive gear in this economy.

As far as the kit goes, it seems reasonably priced to me. The problem is that most people looking to buy a turnkey kit are looking for entry level prices. Most experienced players tend to piece things together. I think your best bet would be to offer it as a kit, but be willing to part it out. Offer a price for just the shells, hardware, cymbals, etc.

But, this is just my opinion based on my experience. For what it's worth, I have been looking at your ads for a week or so. They all seem reasonable to me.
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