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Default Re: Strange coincidence things that happen

I was in a previous relationship and I got dumped. The exchange on her phone was 309. When we were dating, I would always get excited when I would see her number come up. That number 309 haunted me for literally a few years after she dumped me. Gas prices, digital clocks, tractor trailers on the road with giant 6 foot tall letters that said FURNITURE 309, prices in the supermarket, the recording length of some of my gigs, it would just pop up multiple times in a day. Plus she drove a burgundy Jeep Liberty and I saw that car EVERYWHERE. I almost got hit by one in a parking lot. No it wasn't her lol. That number still haunts me, but I don't see it nearly as much as when she first dumped me.

Makes me think I should play that lottery number, but I don't really gamble.

Speaking of lottery, my Dad once dreamed he saw the lottery drawing, complete with the winning number. If that happens, we heard that you are supposed to play it for at least a week. He did and on the 5th day he hit. The thing is, when the drawing was broadcast, he was asleep in front of the TV. So he never actually saw the drawing with his eyes. Coincidence? I don't friggin know. It was freaky though.

420 was the number on the initial proposal to legalize cannabis in California I believe it was. Proposition 420. That's where the number originated. It could have been proposition 118. Then people would be described as 118 friendly instead of 420 friendly.
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