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Default Re: Double Bass Pedal issue

Originally Posted by Dre25 View Post
That's to be expected from a cheaper pedal but comparing how the pedals perform without your feet actually on them is not really a practical sort of test.

It's only the top end pedals that have an identical feeling master and slave pedal. Beginners will blame their double kick pedal when they can't get their feet to perform evenly but the reality is that learning double bass is HARD and minor differences between the pedals really aren't worth fussing over.

A worn out driveshaft is worth replacing though.
I know that a cheap pedal isn't exactly going to perform like a pair of 300 pedals, but I would still expect them to function adequately. And as far as learning how to double bass goes I do actually know how to as I have been using a friends double bass pedal for several years now, he lent them to me, after he upgraded to a double kick drum set, for me to keep for as long as I wanted. He did offer to sell them to me but he spent alot of money on his and he wanted more money than I was willing to part with. So eventually I bought my own pair, albeit a much cheaper pair. I think I'm too used to his pedals to be honest after having used them for so long. I'm sure a new drive shaft will improve my pedals performance somewhat anyway. =)
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