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Default Re: Double Bass Pedal issue

Thanks for your reply bud7h4! Most appreciated!

Ah, okay. I wasnt sure if this was normal or not so thanks for clarifying. Although I still think that it is swinging less than it should all the same. While the lead beater will swing for around 15-20 seconds or so, the other one will ony swing for about 5 seconds or less. Perhaps a new drive shaft willl help this?

Okay, so a new drive shaft is no.1 priority at the minute. =) Unfortunatly my budget does not allow for any expensive gear at the moment. =( I did find this on Ebay which seems to have good ratings in the seller feedback:

I know that once again, it is an unbranded, cheap part, but by the looks of it it should serve me well? Oppionions?

FYI, I need to make a decision on a drive shaft within the next few days as I have a gig on Saturday. Lol. XD

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