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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hi Stuart,

Thanks for the kind words--they are appreciated! You know, if I'm playing rock I just go for a down pillow. In all my years of recording I've never had an engineer fuss much with that and it sounds good straight away. And I've done many records in the past with a D112. I just dig the Audix. Slightly different flavor, that's all. And it sounds great in a gong drum. Check one out and see if you dig it.

Thanks again!

Hey Shemp,

I see where you are coming from, but I still can say I don't think that way. In terms of putting a label on something, you know?. Why is that something that interests you? Why put a label on it? Again, what's easy for someone might be difficult for others. It's far from advanced in my mind if we are comparing it to Mahavishnu stuff or Vinnie with Holdsworth. (There…I just gave it some context.) So in that context, no…it's pretty simple... if you have developed the skills of groove, dynamic shaping, feel, and the necessary ingredients to give it that lope. Now, in the context of just that---those are some skills needed to play well which would have advanced leanings. See what I mean? I say just enjoy the work, work hard, put it in your vocabulary bag and move on to other things that interest you. But declaring a performance as hard or easy is purely up to the individual attempting it.

My best!
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