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Default Am I asking too much??

Ok, so drumming is my passion, and I've tried to be kind of an entrepreneur in combining my means of making money and favorite thing in the world to do into one by buying and selling drums. I love it, and most the time I make people happy and feel good about what I do, but I can hardly sell anything big, like a whole kit. For example, check out this info and tell me if it sounds like a good deal or not.... (I am truly searching for other people's opinion and completely open to whatever!)

CL POST Drum Set
Need to upgrade to a serious drum kit? Here it is! Pdp MX by DW drum kit with all maple shells. Cymbals are pro Sabian AA and AAX. This is worth close to or more than twice this new. There isn't a better deal on Craigslist!

5-piece all maple shells
22" (10-lug) bass
10",12",14" toms
14" (10-lug) snare
Floor tom mount and rack toms mount

21" Sabian AAX stage ride
16" Sabian AA medium thin crash
14" Sabian AA regular hats (top and bottom)

Remo pinstripe batter heads on toms.
DW reso heads on toms and snare (remo)
DW batter head on bass (remo)
PDP batter head on bass
Evans Genera G2 coated head on snare

Pdp drum throne
Pdp double chain single pedal
Pdp heavy duty hi-hat stand
Pdp heavy duty straight stand
Pdp heavy duty snare stand
Sound Percussion boom stand
^ all double braced

Also included will be a Vater stick holder and a brand new pair of Vic Firth Buddy Rich signature drum sticks


This is a GREAT deal, not really interested in trades or negotiation, it's already below what I want for it. If you know drums you now it's worth it!


$800 lol, I originally forgot to include price
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