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Default Re: new Drum Workshop Direct Drive pedal @ NAMM 2014

They have an Axis-style Variable drive Lever = +1
Made from machined aluminium, not cast = +1
Features the floating rotor whatsit spring thing from the 9000 series = +1
Novel hoop-clamp enabling centering of beaters = +1
Easily adjusted Czarcie Kopyto style tension adjuster =+1
Smooth footboard with perforations for weight reduction/faster return = +1
Independently adjustable foot board height/drive linkage assembly = +1
Weight adjustable beater and drum key holder = +1

Everything designed for maximum efficiency and speed, seemingly targeted at the people who buy Axis and Trick and other direct-drive pedals and who like to go very fast with high-bpm double kick and machine-gun blast beats.

Yet they do not seem to have made it in a long-board design = -10

So, +8 + -10 = I am going to buy some Tricks instead.

Can't believe they make the almost perfect pedal for metal, and then drop nuts the last bit and ditch the longboard. It's like they wanted to compete in the metal niche with Axis and Trick, but decided to ditch the longboard so as not to dissuade non-metal customers. IMO
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