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Default Double Bass Pedal issue

Hi all!

First off, this is my first post here at drummerworld and so if I make a mistake or leave any information out I apologise. =)

About 2 months ago I bought myself a double bass pedal, nothing fancy, just a 60 one from Ebay. After a bit of tinkering I managed to get it to perform at an acceptable level, but it is not perfect. I'll explain the issue below:

When I press the right hand pedal down (Which is the leading pedal that both beaters are attaached to) the beater will strike the kick and will swing back and forth for quite a while before stopping. When I press the left hand pedal down the beater will strike the kick but will stop swinging in far less time than the right hand beater. I like plenty of swing on my pedals, just personal preference, and so this causes an issue for me and my timing when playing long double bass beats. Short fills and triplets, etc. are fine.

I believe the issue lies with the drive shaft connecting the two pedals together. The drive shaft I have is almost identical to the one pictured here:

The pins that are holding the linkages together are quite loose, and will slide up and down, causing the left hand beater to 'rattle' for want of a better word. Also, I can press the left hand pedal down a small portion without the beater actually moving, due to this extra movement in the drive shaft.

Does anyone know if this is normal for a drive shaft, or should I think about investing in a new, higher quality one?

P.s.I know that for 60 I can't expect a top notch pair of pedals, which is why I am not returning the pedals to the seller. The right hand pedal functions perfectly, with no rattle and plenty of swing. If a new drive shaft will allow the left hand pedal to function the same I am not against buying a new one. =)
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