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Default Re: Why I play the Breakbeats!

Originally Posted by chicowildcat View Post
That's way cool! Thanks for the tip, I'm going to look into this. Sorry if this is a bit of a newb question but would you get two? Aesthetically, I wouldn't really care if only one side had a wood hoop, but did you notice any sound difference with changing both? I'll measure it out, looks like they come in inch and a half and inch and 3/4 sizes.

Thanks again!
Well, I got two because I like the look, and I really think wood hoops make the bass drum sound better (could be hogwash depending on who you ask). On Ludwig standard bass drums, 1 3/4" wide is the size, but you could get away with 1 1/2" for the Breakbeats, that's what mine are. The drum doesn't have that subtle 'metallic' hum now (if you could hear it at all ;) Go for what you like, I'm not sure it makes a difference on a bass drum this small.
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