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Default Re: SpeedCobra Springs

My experience with tama springs is that they don't make the pedals any lighter/heavier. The difference is really only felt in rebound speed.

The best thing to do is just get used to the lighter feel of the SC. When they start to feel right, to me anyway, they feel a little heavier (in a good way). I didn't begin to feel that until doing a particular excercise - transitioning from slower - faster speed. Similar to part of George Kollias' workout, but rather than playing 8th's, 16ths, 32s, I alternate between 16th notes and 8th note triplets, maintaining constant R/L/R/L.

I do this precisely to get used to double bass on new pedals and it works. There's just something about going slow/fast/slow/fast that accelerates the process of getting accustomed to a new pedal.

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