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personally, i thought that when he first joined blink, his take on "punk" drumming (you can't really call blink punk, but what people NOW refer to as punk) was different. i really believe the vibe he created influenced a lot of the newer drummers for emo/punk/pop-punk/screamo genre. his fills and beats were pretty damn fresh, it was very tight, fast drumming, his drums sounded awesome live and recorded and he had 'the look' to become a 'cool drummer'.

think it all just added up and he was at the beginning of this whole, new music scene. that's why i think he's been held so high in many people's eyes.

maybe i'm wrong, but that's the way i see it. i don't really LOVE the blink/transplants music, but i listen to it now and then because i think the drums just sound really nice on the albums.
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