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Default Re: Why I play the Breakbeats!

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Yeah, mine are running the stock heads and they sound great. I did replace my snare batter with a regular ambassador and am debating putting a real snare side head on it, but I'm happy with how that little kit sounds.

Now, you might not like my solution to the pedal problem, but here's what I did: I replaced the bass drum hoops with wooden ones. Pro Drum in Hollywood happened to have two wood 16" bass drum hoops, and I painted them gloss black and put them on. The pedal riser attachment now fits better (as it should) and I don't have a problem attaching my Tama Iron Cobra Jr. pedal to it and playing. I also modified the pedal riser a bit by replacing the cheap wing nuts for the height adjustment with nylock nuts and cranking it together. The riser will not come loose height-wise. And with the wood hoop, you don't really have to crank on the drumkey to attach it to the hoop. It fits as it should.

It's kind of an expensive option at $70 for the two hoops, but its the best one, I think. The cool thing with the wood hoops is that they're sized for regular tom heads - you do not have to get 16" bass drum heads with the bigger collar, a regular floor tom will do - so I guess you could consider that as a 'savings over time'.

Thanks for the note Bo. Yeah, all in all really love the kit minus this problem (although I'm now getting used to playing the adjusted kick so maybe I'll just deal). The wood hoop option seems like they way to go. In fact it looks like DW has already figured this out. I was just watching this
check out at 9:09. They offer the hoop pre cut. Curious if you can buy a 16 straight from them?

Thanks again.
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