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Default Re: Why I play the Breakbeats!

Recently purchased a Breakbeats kit and I really like it, almost love it (still stock heads, I'm sure that will change everything). Played with the kick quite a bit, and un-muffled really seems to be the way to go...and I really recommend trying out the Vater Vintage Bomber with this kick it really makes the kick sound great. The high tom I absolutely love, I have it tuned right in the 130hz range and it's amazing. The floor tom is nice, no complaints really, just not blown away (but again stock heads).

My big issue is one that's been noted a lot, but I'm curious if anyone has found a solution for, the kick pedal chain hitting the hoop using the riser. I really don't want to cut a hole out of the hoop. I'm curious if anyone has tried that rubber bass drum lift that's on the market?

It's usable now, if you really keep the pedal back, which causes the beater to hit at more of an obtuse angle rather than around 90 where I would normally like it.

Thanks for any advice you might have.
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