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Originally Posted by Pass.of.E.r.a. View Post
I've been eyeing up this series for a while now... and DAMN that's a beautiful kit of yours. If I were ever to order one I was going to go with the white marine pearl finish, but seeing pics of you're kit really makes me re-think this. Is it that dark in person?

Wow, I love how they really looked after you man! Talk about going above and beyond!

What cymbals are you running?

Hey Jonathan

Where are you based? If in Aus then definitely order through C&C Australia direct. Jared is the national rep and an absolute dude.
I want went the dark walnut because I've never really been a fan of white marine pearl and I already have a Gretsch kit in the natural finish. It's not quite as dark as in the pool shots and it seems to take on a warm glow depending on the light it's under.

Cymbals currently are

15 K light hats (swap with 14 Istanbul Agop Jazz sometimes)
19 K custom hybrid crash
21 A Sweet Ride (used as a crash)
24 Istanbul Agop medium ride (sometimes 22 K Light ride)

Really loving the Agop stuff and the next set of purchases will be hats and two big crashes to replace the Ks


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