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Default Re: calf skin heads

I had an accident with the CT Pro head I had on my dynasonic rogers 5" snare drum. It happened when I was playing. The head got ripped but, without the stick hitting that area.

I have the earthtone head on my Gretsch 5" brass snare drum. The head sounds good, but not as good as the CT Pro head. I can play the CT Pro head with my hands and it sounds good. The Earthtone head does not have the same sound. I think the Earthtone heads will last longer.

Found a link on the Kangaroo heads. Your right, the price is high.

I repaired the CT Pro head, of course it will not be the same but I will see how it functions as a repair.

I will have to see how long the Earthtone heads last with me before I commit to anymore skin heads.
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