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Default SpeedCobra Springs

Hello All!

I've been lurking for a bit, but I just couldn't find any posts on this so I thought I'd join and ask! :)

I just recently got a pair of Speed Cobras and love them! I'm really into metal, and I can play your basic stuff. However, I want to get into the really fast stuff: Nile, Fleshgod, etc..

I've always played heel down, but I really top out at about 180-200bpm and I can't really get going much faster than that. So I'm re-learning how to play heel up as that seems the only way to go when it comes to this crazy fast metal.

I got the Speed Cobras because of their super light feel. It makes playing heel down super smooth, but now that I'm going heel up it's so light that I have problems with controlling my feet especiaslly when I'm playing slower stuff because it's just so darn light.

I cranked the spring tension all the way up, and that helped a little bit. I noticed that Tama offers a few different sets of springs for their pedals. A stock spring a heavy spring and a spring for the Speed Cobra. Now here is my question, if I got the heavy spring would that give more tension than the Speed Cobra spring? I'm thinking that if I could just get the spring tension tighter then the pedals would have a little heavier feel to it and I could really get after it.

Any thoughts would be greatly apprecieated! \m/
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